Handkerchief dress by SkellyJelly

I found this tutorial today on deviantArt and thought it was too cute and perfectly easy to share!
It’s by Skelly-Jelly of deviantArt who also has a blog that has a few more tutorials for dolls! Check it out 😀

She’s given me permission to repost the Handkerchief tutorial below :)
It’s featuring a Bobobie March, an adorable inexpensive BJD option :)


I wanted to sew something tonight but didn’t feel like being chained to my sewing machine. I recently came across some vintage looking handkerchiefs I acquired from the dollar store with the intent of making a dress and decided to try it out.

Time: about 2.5 hours
Materials: 1 handkerchief, some thread, 6″ of ribbon, 1 snap

This is the handkerchief I used. I didn’t really measure anything, just held it up to my doll and guess-timated.

Here it is cut up. The corner piece is to be the top, the middle thin piece for the waist and the bottom rectangle for the skirt.

I trimmed the waist piece and folded it on half to give it a little weight. This is the upper piece pinned to the waist. I then sewed them together.

After sewing the upper piece on I folded over the edges of the waist piece on the ends to hem it. Then you just softly pleat the skirt piece to the waist piece so that the front will be slightly poofed. Sew together!

Lastly sew on the snaps on the back. Once you’re done, cut a piece of ribbon about 6 inches long, fold in half, and tack to the upper corner of the chest piece, this will serve as your neck ties.

And here is the finished piece! This was a quick, fun and easy project, not to mention cheap! I bought 3 of these handkerchiefs for a $1. The last corner piece I will be using to make a kerchief for her head. All I need to do is make a small petticoat as the material of these handkerchiefs was a bit thin. I think they are large enough to make an MSD dress as well, I’ll give that a shot next.




I’m definitely going to be trying this out for my little soom girl when I can get my hands on a cute handkerchief!

Show us what you make in the comments below!

And keep an eye on SkellyJelly’s blog for more tutorials 😀

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